Below are the names of folks who were nominated as local role models within the Give category for the 2021 Carteret Curated People's Choice Awards. Please note that the names listed below are just a few of the individuals nominated and are highlighted below because the person who submitted their name provided an explanation alongside their nomination. We are thrilled to highlight the beautiful words submitted for a handful of these local role models below. For a list of every single local role model, check out pg. 31 in the printed or digital version of the People's Choice Guide!

2021 Local Role Models
(Nominated by their fellow community members!)


She is always so giving to everyone around and has a heart of gold. If you need help or assistance, she’s always there. Besides owning her own salon (Adrianne’s Hair Studio), she also volunteers on her Mondays off at Colonial Capital Humane Society. She is constantly giving back to her community and it shows


He loves this place so much. He always takes pictures and makes videos of the area. He has. Kiteboarding business and tries to make a difference and get as many people as possible find a new hobby. He knows so much about he area, and does a really good eco tour showing people around on a boat cruise telling you about the history. He definitely has a love and passion for the area.


A true inspiration. Always ready to lend a helping hand and one of the most positive attitudes you’ll ever see.


She is always helping others in any way she can. She served her church at FBC Beaufort as a choir member and as the choir director. She is currently serving the Lord on the praise team at Parkview Baptist Church. She also volunteers as the water girl for the East Carteret football team.


Serves locals & tourist alike sharing her positive skills of meditation, yoga, reflexology, massage, and stand-up paddleboard to include the glory of our beautiful counties waters with yoga on the beach or your deck, SUP on the sound & private sessions in your home. She a positive spirit and asset to Carteret County!


As the principal at MCPS, Ashley is caring, kind, thoughtful, excellent listener and leader!


Ashley, with the ECHS band, puts so much work and dedication into her kids.


She recently became a member of the board for the Hospice House and has given SO much of her time & energy to them prior to being on the board. She has given to countless other organizations, fundraisers, etc and is the most generous business owner I know.


Through Iron Tide Crossfit, Austin helps people control their bodies, discover why they workout, eat healthier, and educate them on why the CrossFit community is so important!

Hamilton &

Bea Hamilton and Carrie Huber started Misplaced Mutts. They are remarkable women. They spend day and night caring for the pets, and take in hopeless cases. They do what ever it takes to get the animals matter what they have to do or spend. They have an army of foster homes that help out until there is an adoption. They run the rescue, and spend day and night tending to all the pets. They are remarkable women! They will take hopeless cases and will do what ever it takes to help them recover. 


She is always helping and donating anything she can!


Bobby is trying to bring people together to make a solid difference in Morehead City.


Bonnie is a social worker with child protective services and she has helped better the lives of many children here in Carteret County. She has helped families get the help they need to be able to be the best parents they can be providing them with resources and just being there to offer help and advice. For those who she had to place in homes away from parents she tries to do right by each child to help that child thrive and get any and all help he or she needs. Most people don’t last as long as Bonnie and as sad and frustrating as it can be it is very rewarding as well.


Brenda is always lending a helping hand and is a positive force in our community


Brian is with Farm Bureau Insurance. He consistently supports local football & sports programs for the youth of our county. He joins them every game, recognizes them for their hard work and accomplishments. Brian is a dedicated agent regardless of time of day – he always answers his phone for any questions. The grassroots company and support of the local youth and future of Carteret County is just gravy! Love him & his work ethic.


Brooke brings new options to the area and offers sustainably sourced clothing and goods all while being eco-friendly and green as possible


As the Deputy Chief of MHC Police, Bryan is devoted to building a relationship between law enforcement our community. He is thoughtful, conscientious, and reflective.


Bryan is a humble individual. No one knows the time and resources he put into the children of our community. From scholarships to rebuilding their houses to providing meals. A true unsung hero.  


My dad is one of the most thoughtful people in this town and will drop everything to help someone else out. He doesn’t get recognized for the things he does and deserves everything and more!


Calvin is always in a good mood!


Carol has served as the president of the Beaufort Garden Club and officer of the  Beaufort Woman’s Club for numerous community projects. 


She is always volunteering and serving our community in various ways!


Charlie has been around the country playing baseball and came back to his home and help build a better community using the skills he learned everywhere he’s been.


Chris is always looks out for local/ neighboring businesses and individuals in the community, especially in time of crisis.


Christina, owner of Beaufort Linen Co. & Interiors, beams with pride and love for Carteret County, and this joy she has for this great place we live is contagious. It spills over into her employees, clients, and simply anyone she meets in the store, or on the streets. She goes the extra mile to make her client’s “spaces” feel like “homes” through her design services. Even to the point of giving up her personal furniture (and most recently her dresser!) to clients because theirs is on backorder with crazy delays. She cares deeply for her role in making this county a better place — and making sure anyone who walks into it whether to live here or to visit — has an experience they can love and remember. She’s the type of person who everyone wants just 5 minutes with — because that’s just how incredible she is. We are so fortunate to have Christina and her heart and talent in Carteret County!


Christina has lived her entire life in Carteret County and embodies the people, atmosphere and compassion our county has. She has done so much for our community and continues to strive to make our community great every day!


Christine is the founder of the Adaptive Surf Project. She has brought such joy and passion into so many children and adults lives with this project. Not to mention that each volunteer leaves at the end of the day with a much bigger and more grateful heart.💕


Cindy is the Executive Market Manager of the Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market. Every successful organization flourishes with great leadership and the Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market finds this creative, talented individual in a manager that encourages the vendors to become their best in all things and does so with abundant positivity. Where once there was a group of people who sold things, there is now a cohesive vendor family who's reputation is ever spreading for a market full of friendliness, helpful and happy sellers that work hard to bring the community quality foods and goods. Cindy Bunch's management skills has allowed the market to grow not only in size, but community involvement, outreach to the community, educational and wellness opportunities and recently during the pandemic, to create a safe place for shoppers to purchase fresh foods and essential items which has supported the local small business community. Working alongside the market's Board of Directors, Cindy has encouraged the local businesses and interested individuals to become "Friends of the OBFM" to further support the market and it's outreach programs such as scholarships, and sponsorships to Boys and Girls Club summer camps. The market has become a hub of Beaufort and the county w