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Below are the names of folks who were nominated as local role models within the Give category for the 2021 Carteret Curated People's Choice Awards. Please note that the names listed below are just a few of the individuals nominated and are highlighted below because the person who submitted their name provided an explanation alongside their nomination. We are thrilled to highlight the beautiful words submitted for a handful of these local role models below. For a list of every single local role model, check out pg. 31 in the printed or digital version of the People's Choice Guide!

2021 Local Role Models
(Nominated by their fellow community members!)


She is always so giving to everyone around and has a heart of gold. If you need help or assistance, she’s always there. Besides owning her own salon (Adrianne’s Hair Studio), she also volunteers on her Mondays off at Colonial Capital Humane Society. She is constantly giving back to her community and it shows


He loves this place so much. He always takes pictures and makes videos of the area. He has. Kiteboarding business and tries to make a difference and get as many people as possible find a new hobby. He knows so much about he area, and does a really good eco tour showing people around on a boat cruise telling you about the history. He definitely has a love and passion for the area.


A true inspiration. Always ready to lend a helping hand and one of the most positive attitudes you’ll ever see.


She is always helping others in any way she can. She served her church at FBC Beaufort as a choir member and as the choir director. She is currently serving the Lord on the praise team at Parkview Baptist Church. She also volunteers as the water girl for the East Carteret football team.


Serves locals & tourist alike sharing her positive skills of meditation, yoga, reflexology, massage, and stand-up paddleboard to include the glory of our beautiful counties waters with yoga on the beach or your deck, SUP on the sound & private sessions in your home. She a positive spirit and asset to Carteret County!


As the principal at MCPS, Ashley is caring, kind, thoughtful, excellent listener and leader!


Ashley, with the ECHS band, puts so much work and dedication into her kids.


She recently became a member of the board for the Hospice House and has given SO much of her time & energy to them prior to being on the board. She has given to countless other organizations, fundraisers, etc and is the most generous business owner I know.


Through Iron Tide Crossfit, Austin helps people control their bodies, discover why they workout, eat healthier, and educate them on why the CrossFit community is so important!

Hamilton &

Bea Hamilton and Carrie Huber started Misplaced Mutts. They are remarkable women. They spend day and night caring for the pets, and take in hopeless cases. They do what ever it takes to get the animals matter what they have to do or spend. They have an army of foster homes that help out until there is an adoption. They run the rescue, and spend day and night tending to all the pets. They are remarkable women! They will take hopeless cases and will do what ever it takes to help them recover. 


She is always helping and donating anything she can!


Bobby is trying to bring people together to make a solid difference in Morehead City.


Bonnie is a social worker with child protective services and she has helped better the lives of many children here in Carteret County. She has helped families get the help they need to be able to be the best parents they can be providing them with resources and just being there to offer help and advice. For those who she had to place in homes away from parents she tries to do right by each child to help that child thrive and get any and all help he or she needs. Most people don’t last as long as Bonnie and as sad and frustrating as it can be it is very rewarding as well.


Brenda is always lending a helping hand and is a positive force in our community


Brian is with Farm Bureau Insurance. He consistently supports local football & sports programs for the youth of our county. He joins them every game, recognizes them for their hard work and accomplishments. Brian is a dedicated agent regardless of time of day – he always answers his phone for any questions. The grassroots company and support of the local youth and future of Carteret County is just gravy! Love him & his work ethic.


Brooke brings new options to the area and offers sustainably sourced clothing and goods all while being eco-friendly and green as possible


As the Deputy Chief of MHC Police, Bryan is devoted to building a relationship between law enforcement our community. He is thoughtful, conscientious, and reflective.


Bryan is a humble individual. No one knows the time and resources he put into the children of our community. From scholarships to rebuilding their houses to providing meals. A true unsung hero.  


My dad is one of the most thoughtful people in this town and will drop everything to help someone else out. He doesn’t get recognized for the things he does and deserves everything and more!


Calvin is always in a good mood!


Carol has served as the president of the Beaufort Garden Club and officer of the  Beaufort Woman’s Club for numerous community projects. 


She is always volunteering and serving our community in various ways!


Charlie has been around the country playing baseball and came back to his home and help build a better community using the skills he learned everywhere he’s been.


Chris is always looks out for local/ neighboring businesses and individuals in the community, especially in time of crisis.


Christina, owner of Beaufort Linen Co. & Interiors, beams with pride and love for Carteret County, and this joy she has for this great place we live is contagious. It spills over into her employees, clients, and simply anyone she meets in the store, or on the streets. She goes the extra mile to make her client’s “spaces” feel like “homes” through her design services. Even to the point of giving up her personal furniture (and most recently her dresser!) to clients because theirs is on backorder with crazy delays. She cares deeply for her role in making this county a better place — and making sure anyone who walks into it whether to live here or to visit — has an experience they can love and remember. She’s the type of person who everyone wants just 5 minutes with — because that’s just how incredible she is. We are so fortunate to have Christina and her heart and talent in Carteret County!


Christina has lived her entire life in Carteret County and embodies the people, atmosphere and compassion our county has. She has done so much for our community and continues to strive to make our community great every day!


Christine is the founder of the Adaptive Surf Project. She has brought such joy and passion into so many children and adults lives with this project. Not to mention that each volunteer leaves at the end of the day with a much bigger and more grateful heart.💕


Cindy is the Executive Market Manager of the Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market. Every successful organization flourishes with great leadership and the Olde Beaufort Farmers' Market finds this creative, talented individual in a manager that encourages the vendors to become their best in all things and does so with abundant positivity. Where once there was a group of people who sold things, there is now a cohesive vendor family who's reputation is ever spreading for a market full of friendliness, helpful and happy sellers that work hard to bring the community quality foods and goods. Cindy Bunch's management skills has allowed the market to grow not only in size, but community involvement, outreach to the community, educational and wellness opportunities and recently during the pandemic, to create a safe place for shoppers to purchase fresh foods and essential items which has supported the local small business community. Working alongside the market's Board of Directors, Cindy has encouraged the local businesses and interested individuals to become "Friends of the OBFM" to further support the market and it's outreach programs such as scholarships, and sponsorships to Boys and Girls Club summer camps. The market has become a hub of Beaufort and the county where friends come to shop and exchange greetings on Saturday mornings. Please consider this as a nomination of an outstanding individual and manager of an active and vibrant non-profit.


He puts family and community first. He devotes a good amount of time to our Carteret County Public School System, and does amazing things for the Methodist church. Clark goes far and beyond for our youth.


For his dedication to hospice!


Cancer survivor, choir singer at Ann Street, kindest woman ever - helped save my sister from sun poisoning and had never met her before. Angel.


He is the resource officer at the elementary and middle school. He also works the road when the schools are closed. He is amazing. All the kids love him and he actually cares!


Because she’s feeding our hungry children!

David Murray

David works at Ace Hardware. He’s always so kind, willing to help, and offer a smile.

Dawn Brock

She does so much behind the scenes with fundraising for local charities and schools. She goes above and beyond to make things happen and works events as well. She’s awesome!!!!

Dawn works hard for the schools, and volunteers her talents to non profits. She gives so much of her time and efforts to multiple community organizations.


Dawn sits on the Foundation Board of Carteret General Hospital and has brought her talents of fundraising to the board. She is an innovative thinker and helped the hospital procure a UVB sterilizing bot in the Fall of 2020 to help sanitize the OR. She is quick to support the Beaufort Historical Association and The Maritime Museum in all their endeavors.


Dawn is very dedicated to being on the board of Carteret Hospital and Healthcare. She is very passionate about everyone getting the care they need and deserve


Dexter is by worthy of this nomination. His love and enthusiasm for our community is overwhelming he believes in the youth of today. He reaches out to strangers as if they are long lost friends that have found each other again. His commitment to church and sports speaks volumes as to his character and love of his family is an prime example of what makes Dexter our Favorite Local.

Donnie Griggs

Donnie Griggs is a wonderful local who's down to earth and speaks the gospel and is always lending a helping hand to anyone in or outside of our community! 


Entire One Harbor Staff and their families: The way they love and care for this community. It overwhelms my heart. Amazing role models. Also, the church and so many other churches in carteret county and how they all love on the people of this area. It takes a village.

Dr. K Jean

Dr. Lucas' medical practice provides the most “pro Bono” (free of charge) health care to the local community and beyond. In an area that has such a high incidence rate of diabetes and fatty liver, she saves lives all day every day so folks live a happier healthier life and can spend longer time with their loved ones.

She goes above and beyond to educate the community on topics related to diabetes, fatty liver, and other endocrine based diseases through platforms like her "sugar talk" diabetes station. Dr. Lucas also provides some health services free of charge, like free Fibroscans (liver ultrasounds that are non-invasive) to anyone that is interested in receiving one. Some people simply do not know what Fatty Liver is or the damage it can cause, and some people don't have the means to otherwise find out given the high costs of most health services. Walking into Dr. Lucas' building does not feel the same as walking into the office of your primary care doctor - there is something magical about Dr. Lucas and the business she has established in Morehead City. Dr. Lucas continues to change the lives of everyone she meets everyday - a true role model and hero.

Dr. Millie


Dr. James

For his compassion!

Dr. Mindy

Dr. Merritt is a surgeon providing amazing healthcare for the citizens in our community. We are fortunate to have such a talented and devoted doctor in the area! 

Dr. Merritt is  valuable physician in the area to provide top tier care in our small local environment

Dr. Nicole

Dr. D'Andrea is committed to community health and improving healthcare outcomes for the women of Carteret County.

Dr. Robert Sanborn 

Every year he gives 10-12 local school-aged kids, whose otherwise couldn’t afford them, FREE braces!!!

Dr. Stan

He is an incredible doctor that has made a difference and touched so many children an adult lives while serving our community for 35 plus years. His bedside manner, compassion and love for medicine is unmatchable! He still continues his career helping/caring for teens and children in times of such chaos but smiles and makes goofy noises to quiet baby's in uncertain situations. His gentle giant figure is loved by all that has come into contact with him as he is nothing short of an amazing person. He loves to answer questions and continues to study and grow everyday. Besides being a beloved physician, Dr Rule also has a deep love and commitment to our Down East heritage. He became a guild member shadowing and teaching himself how to carve decoys from legends in the industry. He has mastered the art of carving but more so it ignited an interest in the history of the roots behind the Down East communities. He has recently interviewed countless old timers in the area to record history, stories, and great conversations that will live on forever. His love for this place we all call home will forever be stamped by Dr. Rule!


He is the individual that runs the coffee shop, Calico Creek. He is the only paid employee and even donates all his tips.


She started her career with Doug Paulas (DP Jewelry) in 2010 the year she graduated WCHS. She wrote her senior project with her assignments being custom Jewlery. Elizabeth took a chance at the young age of 17 and asked Mr Paulas to mentor her. Doug gladly accepted. Elizabeth went on to graduate June of 2010 and in August of 2010 Mr Paulas called Elizabeth for an opportunity to come work for him. Elizabeth had impressed him so much that he felt with a young lady with her talent and passion for jewelry it was a win win as she being young enough to know what our young local community wanted. Fast forward 11 years and Elizabeth is his longest employee employed by him. She has married, had 2 beauty children and continues to work diligently to continue with her passion in Jewlery. Elizabeth’s work ethic and dedication not only to her family but to her career is these days are very rare. Elizabeth continues daily to produce the best products that her mentor so many years ago instilled in her. She is definitely a wonderful role model not only for her children, but for young and up coming young graduates to follow their dreams. Elizabeth Britt is proof dreams, hard work & dedication will pay off.


She’s the best manager ever!

Gene & June McLendon

These two are incredible community servants through Hope Mission. They constantly seek new needs to meet while expanding and extending current missions. Their passion and initiative to serve the homeless, the hungry and the hurting speaks volumes about their dedication to service to the community.


George serves on numerous organizations and Town council


You won’t find anyone more giving of themselves, their time and their resources than her. She has been a county employee for many years at the Civic Center. If you’ve had a wedding or an event in this county you have probably interacted with her at some point. She has most likely had her hand in the decorations, the planning, the organization, whatever part there is to play she’s played it and done so with a smile on her face and probably free of charge. Everyone that meets her, loves her especially children and you never forget her. She most definitely makes are little part of the world a better place and whole lot brighter.


Her many years of service to the CCDVP has done so much for those who suffer at the hands of those they love in this county from the new shelter to the now closed thrift shop that also provided jobs.


His ability to make a difference in many children in our community as well as adults through the Sports Center Performance Zone is incredible. Helping people in our town get stronger, healthier, happier and confident.


He never fails to jump in and help the people in his industry and in his community. He was instrumental in helping us get our business and our grand opening event up and running!


She's a first year nurse in the ED at Carteret. Finishing nursing school & starting a position in the ED is no joke but she's still making time to explore the coast, invest in local businesses, make friends, and serve every patient that she cares for!


She’s the best dentist ever!!


She’s the sweetest young woman you’ll ever meet. She goes out of her way to make others happy and she deserves to be happy too.


Heber is one of the great historians Down East. He is most knowledgeable on the heritage of Down East. He strives to teach the art and skills of boat building to the students of Down East through the Carteret County Schools. Keeping our Heritage alive is what Herber loves. His knowledge of Cape Lookout Lighthouse and our ancestors will indeed leave you wanting to know more. If you know him you can't help but love him and all that gives to our community.


She’s amazing. Fully committed to her community and the people in it. If she’s on your side, you’re good to go!


As the principal of St. Egberts School, Kimberly has such a huge heart for our children and our community.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence while battling cancer, she worked tirelessly to coordinate efforts at her church to feed Carteret County and helping families who lost everything. When she moved to downtown Morehead City, she found a large feral cat community. She took action to capture, have them tress as ted found foster homes, and adopted homes for feral kittens. Carteret County is blessed to have this lady in our community.

James "Michael" Turner

He puts his heart and soul into his family, students, and athletes. He is there every step of the way and does whatever it takes to make them successful. He is a genuinely good human who juggles a lot and pulls it off. He’s a Christian father, husband, son, brother, teacher, coach, Athletic Director, philanthropist, and friend to many. He has touched and influenced so many young people and never expects anything in return.

He has a great love of working with kids as a teacher and coach. Turner has made an impact on so many people through the years.

James the UPS Driver

Always friendly and goes beyond expectations!

Jane & John Capps

They are always involved in helping Carteret County. Thank you for your service to our community!


Jay is always willing to help those in need with no questions asked.


Not only does she have Anytime Fitness to help the community keep fit, she also has Crystal Coast Cancer Rehab Center to help cancer patients be able to use exercise to help build strength and endurance to get through the cancer journey.


Because he aims to please with his talent cooking skills and takes time to come out and speak to you with a huge smile.


For always giving back to community and being the coolest dude in town!


For providing a one-of-a-kind warm, welcoming, metaphysical experience to our local community!

Jeremy & Taylor Thomas

As owners of The Shark Shack, they offer $5.00 meals to Police, EMS, Coast Guard, service members, etc.


Jeremy cuts trees at a discount for widows and does a great deal of charity work.


We nominate Jessica Horton owner of The Cottage at The Crystal Coast - North Carolina's NEWEST and ONLY private oceanfront venue on the coast. Jessica and her family have been vacationing in Atlantic Beach & The Crystal Coast for 31+ years and have owned property in the area for over 50+ years. Her roots run deep in this community. Jessica brings a FRESH and EXCITING perspective and opportunity to The Crystal Coast community with the addition of the new event venue. The Cottage at The Crystal Coast is considered the FIRST and ONLY multi-purpose and entertainment venue in The Crystal Coast and Carteret County. Jessica's passion for live events and entertainment in addition to her love for this community is contagious! When you talk to her you can't help but feel her excited for this opportunity to bring her passions to a place she loves for dearly. Jessica's leap of faith during a pandemic perfectly displays what it means to be FOR a community and FOR others by creating The Crystal Coast's newest "gathering" place for families and friends. She is grateful to have this new opportunity to honor past traditions while introducing new experiences to the community. We hope you will consider Jessica Horton as someone making a difference and impacting our community in positive ways.


He helps many recover from disaster and is very humble.


Jodi is with Justice Elite Dance Co. She is a true servant leader who teaches her students the art of dance but moreover how important self love, community love, spiritual love and loving others is in life.

John & Stephanie Foss

They are great people to work for and with!

John Rickabaugh, MD

John is the most professional, skilled, compassionate family doctor in the county! Yes I’m partial!


John coordinates several local Facebook pages that are part of my daily read!


Johnny is the most humble and kind individual i have ever met. he will do anything and everything to make sure you are happy. he treats his employees like family and truly will leave a mark on you for the rest of your life!


For the work he does to help community andfor running the thrift store Loaves & Fishes!


Julia helps run some many activities and groups out or Ann Street UMC. She stepped up during the hurricane and has not stopped since. She came up with ways for the church to help during the pandemic and even started a school care group for kids who were still virtual, but parents had to work.


Julia goes above and beyond to better not only the town of Beaufort but all of Carteret County. Recipient of citizen of the year by the rotary club in 2019 for her outstanding efforts during hurricane Florence. She continues to do everything in her power to make Carteret County and the town of Beaufort a better place.


For continuing to grow Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center!


Kat is a local business owner and active member of community!


She’s not only one of the best providers at Carteret Heath Care, but she also loves her community and does what she can to help local people. She’s keeps it on the down low, because she wouldn’t want praise for what she considers to be part of daily life.


She is currently taking donations for menstrual products for school aged girls who need them during the summer.


Katie volunteers for Misplaced Mutts and takes very good care of her foster dogs.


Katie is always doing so much for others in absolutely any and every capacity.


Katie is a local leader and volunteer with several local and statewide organizations; always puts others above themselves to make our community work for everyone


Keith is a generous contributor/ sponsor to many local charities and events.


Kelly is a social worker with Carteret County and volunteer for Misplaced Mutts and Beaufort community cats!


I actually don’t know Kelly as much as I’d like to- we met a couple of times and are “Facebook friends,” but over the course of reading her posts, and those of her friends in her honor, my goodness she is sunshine on a cloudy day! Recently she approached a man in Atlantic Beach who seemed troubled- turns out he was living in his car, struggling to stay warm in winter- long story short, she organized getting this man clothing, money, and income based housing. She literally took a human being out of the streets and made sure his community got him back up and running, the way he deserves to be, and nothing more touching comes to mind at the moment. Kelly Pinckard- she helped a homeless man find housing as well as going above and beyond to help him in other ways as well. She is a selfless and caring person who is super involved in our local community.


So generous to many non profits in Carteret County.

Keri & Jeff McCann

They are always there to help anyone that needs help. They do a lot of charity work. Sponsor a lot of events. And just super people to be around. They host many charity events at Jack's and bring lots of people to the downtown area. Keri is a local councilwoman and is on many boards for the downtown Morehead group. She loves this area and it shows through all she does for this community.


She’s the communications person at UNCs institute for marine science and she does an amazing job of highlighting the science happening in our area, but beyond that, she genuinely cares about carteret county and making it better. Just to make a few things, she organizes regular food drives for Martha’s mission, has rallied enough donations for the sponsoring of several child’s Christmas gifts in the last several years, and (in non COVID Times) goes out of her way to organize ways that kids in the county can get connected to the science happening in the marine lab through field trips, etc. I could go on, but she’s amazing!


4th grade teacher at St Egbert Catholic school. He is a leader and strives for excellence in his classroom. His students respect and strive to work hard and achieve greatness because of his loving, caring attitude.


As the principal of St. Egberts School, Kimberly has such a huge heart for our children and our community.


One of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever known. She’s the funniest person in all of Carteret County and goes to the ends of the earth for the people she loves!


She is always a helping hand and great listener. Fabulous hair stylist!


She works tirelessly to help those who need help through her work at One Harbor Church. She began as a liaison with Reach Global, coordinating disaster relief after Hurricane Florence. She continues this work as well as helping with the addiction and benevolence ministries at the church. Kristin genuinely loves well everyone she meets, treating them with kindness and respect. She always strives to provide practical help and encouragement. She is a gatherer who inspires those around her to love others well.


She blogs for Crystal Coast Family. She is a pleathera of information on where to go and what to do in the Crystal Coast communities. If you ask - she finds you answers.


His life was changed by God and he is doing what he can to spread the good word to all those around him. He congratulates strangers successes and encourages those who are in need of reassurance. Lee Stiles. Lee has gone from been a drug dealer to a Pastor and helping to stop the drug activity as well as helping people with addiction. He is non judgmental and always has an or heart, compassion and love for all. He has set the perfect example that anyone can change with support, love and encouragement.


I would like to nominate a young girl named Leslie. She owns a local health bar called Rise and Shine Nutrition. She is the same age as my daughter. She is so passionate and head strong. I love seeing her helping everyone who walks in her door. She helped my daughter not only lose weight but helped her bring back her confidence again. So thankful for her and her team. All of those young ladies are a great asset to our community. 


Opened a business during a pandemic and continues daily to provide her community with a positive outlook on life.


Lisa helps anyone or anyplace she can!


Lisa has put so much into making downtown Morehead City a destination for restaurants, parks, shopping, etc.


Liz is a smart business woman who changed her model during Covid to keep her employees working and serve her clientele. Huge giver to the community.


He is amazing not only for our community, but for our kids! He has given my son so much confidence in skateboarding. He's my sons role model!!!!!

Lt. Kelly

Lt. Guthrie will be retiring this year after 20 plus years of service with the Morehead City PD. Morehead middle schools resource officer, Volunteer softball coach. And many many more things in over 20 plus years of service. She will be missed.


She is kind, patient, and one of the most caring people in the world. She treats your pets like family and she never fails to make them feel comfortable. It is hard to find a place that you can trust your pets with and where you know that they will be taken care of, but Dr. Godwin is incredible. The nurses and assistants are also incredible Ann, Sheila, everyone is amazing! Dr. Godwin deserves this recognition because she is the best veterinarian and she is incredibly humble.


Marshall helps people with their water front properties and rebuilds Carteret County one dock at a time.

Mark & Lynn Golitz

They provide art therapy for cancer patients and survivors, fundraisers for hurricane relief. Overall the nicest people ever!


Mark is involved in every aspect of the community; hospital board, realtor, WCHS coach, business owner etc.

Mary Ann

Because she spreads joy like Jesus.

Mary Katherine Lawrence

Numerous time and financial contributions to WCHS band program; creation of Broad Street Clinic


She knows everyone in Carteret County and she brings a smile to everyone she sees.

Mindy & Matt Fitzpatrick

Mindy & Matt, owners of the Friendly Market, love and support our community so much and are always there with whatever we need in tough times and in good times! Mindy Fitzpatrick. She is always kind and caring to those around her and cares about the community. She is a truly outstanding citizen.

MJ Marsh

For his continued inspiration & love of surfing/ teaching surf lessons!

Mr. Paul

Mr. Murphy is the Scout Master for Troop 252 in Davis, NC. He started Troop 252 in 1978 and has been the Scout Master for the past 43 years. He has taught and mentored hundreds of youth and has guided 52 of these Scouts all the way to the rank of Eagle Scout. Mr Paul’s selfless service and dedication to our community is invaluable.


My hair stylist who is NOT just my hair stylist but my therapist, my friend, someone who inspires you and brings you up when your down. He is genuine and free spirited and a wonderful person to have the pleasure to know!


She helps with so many organizations in town. She always says yes. She is a tireless worker without recognition


Pastor David is the head of Loaves and Fishes, and works tirelessly to keep all the ministries going.


Pat of Bluewater is always helping others in times of need!


Randy is always giving back and inspiring the community.


He is always helping those in need and never disappoints when you recommend people to seek his help.


Ray is always volunteering for all kinds of charities and events all around town. He truly cares about his community and is willing to help at all costs.


Ray works at Friendly Market. He is always so friendly and answers every question presented. He’s a hard worker and committed to making every customer feel special.


She is a nurse at a local nursing home. But she is a nurse and caregiver to everyone who knows her. She has the biggest heart and would do anything to help someone in need.


For his steadfast leadership through tough times.


Rick is from The SuperCenter Mattresses and Furniture Hwy 70 in Newport. Rick is always willing to give, or jump in and help. Weather it’s replacing a broken fridge for a fire department, letting someone in need have a mattress, forgiving someone’s debt, providing a mower for the babe Ruth field, pillows for disaster relief, endless food to feed the hungry in times of disaster/pandemic, collecting auction items for a good cause, working with several nonprofits, and church’s ( warriors for recovery, CC Public School Foundation, Carteret Long Term Recovery Alliance, Family Promise, Hope Mission, Ann St) you name it if someone needs something or has needed something I can almost guarantee he has helped in some way! The list goes on and on and he never ever asks for recognition EVER! He always gives credit to someone else, he is kind and generous with the humblest of hearts and never says know to a good cause and is always trying to figure out away to make things better or easier for others.


For his love of Local history & his storytelling to get us all interested!


As well as being the Executive Director of he is also the lead volunteer/lead organizer/seamstress/fabricator and so much the glue keeping the charity alive now in Eastern NC for the past six years! Rodney is also a local small business owner of Hero Tech Computer Services. He started the business in 2019 and has worked throughout the pandemic to help keep businesses in Carteret County working as well as doing personal home visits for those in need and at risk citizens. Rodney also is a local event DJ and has created musical magic for events ranging from birthday parties, work events, to elaborate weddings and anniversaries. Rodney Leary is a local who has dedicated his life to helping those throughout the Eastern NC communities in a number of ways and deserves immense recognition and gratitude.


Career educator, Community involved, CCC Board of Trustees, Advocate for African American students and teens, Active member of her church and its volunteer work.

Russell Lewis

Russell was such an influential individual in Carteret County. He brought new life to downtown Morehead City when he and his family opened up Tight Lines Pub and Brewing Co., which led to his continued involvement in the downtown community. He set up a non-profit called Pints for Purpose and was the founder of Oyster Fest. Russell was always thinking about the next event that would spark interest in this county. He left us too soon, and is incredibly missed by so many. We strive to continue down the road he has paved for this community.


Ryan works so hard giving back and rebuilding our community after Hurricane Florence.


I appreciate all his work to help make downtown Morehead beautiful and a destination spot for more than just fisherman while also supporting local fisherman. I feel he’s modernizing local traditions for the new generations to participate in and enjoy.

Sandy & Hallock

As the owners of Amos Mosquito's, these two exhibit superior business ethics, provide an excellent place of employment and place an importance of family fellowship and community support.

Austin, DVM

For caring for the homeless pets in our area!


She works everyday to take care of everyone in Carteret County!


Shannon is the owner of Grandmaster Dong’s Martial Arts and Board Secretary of Carteret Partnership for Children. She works tirelessly for children of our community while being a homeschooling mother of four and running a business. She is an advocate, a voice and a huge supporter of the Autism community in our county. She has coordinated and helped with many fundraisers to help raise awareness and support for organizations in need and devotes a lot of her time to our community!


Director of Carteret Local Food Network (has helped small farmers keep produce on Carteret county and increased food access to our locals via her work with CLFN in one year!)


She is always a beacon of light and positive force and has helped me become healthier and happier. She’s impacted me more than she even knows and gets me through my work week with her Downtown Barre classes :)


He loves to laugh and he is always there to help. He always has a listening ear and will brighten your day. He has a heart of gold.


She has lead the Carteret Foundation & moves mountains for others.


Tami is the founder of The MirIAM, and has sacrificed everything she has to establish and manage this rehab program for women. Based in Morehead City, it has given countless women a fresh start on life as chemical free individuals.


And all the women and men at Harlowe UMC who have prepared, pray and serve lunches to go through the whole pandemic. They're still serving now.


Because he’s willing to help anybody!


Terri from Teacher’s Pet organized A Sea of Learning to ensure our students had the best school year possible.


Terry is a phenomenal educator of inquisitive pre-K minds (The CoOP Montessori class housed at My School)


As the Salty Mermaids owner, she always donates and does fund raisers for just about anyone!


Because she is always finding ways to engage the community!


Hands down. This man is ALWAYS looking for a way to give back to his community, help out where needed, pour into our young men (especially those at risk for heading down a dark path). He is the man!

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