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Below are the names of folks who were nominated as local role models within the Give category for the 2023 Carteret Curated People's Choice Awards. Please note that the names listed below are just a few of the individuals nominated and are highlighted below because the person who submitted their name provided an explanation alongside their nomination. We are thrilled to highlight the beautiful words submitted for a handful of these local role models below. For a list of every single local role model, check out pg. 35 in the printed or digital version of the People's Choice Guide!

Amanda Clevenger

Amanda Crystal Coast

Amanda Clevenger is an inspiration. Her story of overcoming her personal struggles and founding her own wedding officiant and planning business has been nothing short of amazing.​

Amanda Crystal Coast has the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Makes dreams come true!

Amanda McCall all she is doing for the kids in our community and helping them get books over the summer through the book mobile!

2023 Local Role Models

Amanda McCall

Angela Burns

Angela Burns and her cat rescue, she has helped so many rv/mobile home parks in the community to help reduce the population of ferral cats. The love she has in helping animals is amazing.

Angie Stephenson

Anita Willis She is the epitome of a person with a servant's heart. She does so much for so many. She deserves all positive recognition!!!!

Anita Willis

Anna and Sam

Anna Markham and Maggie Baker

owners of Downtown Barre

They lead a support group, Finding Hope, for those family members and friends of people struggling with addiction. They use their own stories to help support people in our community - to love those who might not feel loved - to provide a safe place for people to come and feel heard and understood.

Ashley Wright, ECHS Band Director

Austin Morgan

Bea Hamilton

Misplaced mutts

Ashley gives and gives to her students, making sure they all know they are special. Not only is she their teacher, she is their friend and their confidant. Ashley is so creative in finding different ways for each of her students shine in their own way. I am thankful to know her!

My hero and has had an impact on the children at Sea of Learning with their PE program and our entire CrossFit community!

Bella Obriant

Joshua Phillips

Dedra Phillips

Big Rock and Jarrett Bay


Brandy Bell

Brea Sharron Estep

Brenda Rocci

Brent Creelman

Bret and Jenn Chapell

Brooke Cash

Bud Dixon

Callie Smith

Carrie Huber

Kelly Dorman

Carrie Huber

Charlie Poppe

Cheryl Palmer

Chief Bill Willis

Chrissy Suralik

Cindy Bunch

Cindy Knox

CJ Page

Cody Aubel

Cody Moody

Dale Britt

Dana Pingatore

Danielle Lawerence

David Price

Deb Shubick

Denny Shrock

Dexter Williams

Donna Gentry

Donnie Griggs

Gary McKeel John

Markham Mark

Mansfield Keith

Bernauer Jay Davis

Doug and Erin Starcke

Doug Doubleday

Dr. Mary Katherine Lawrence

Dr.Sarah Randles

Eddie Cameron and Jimmy Mercer 

Erica Heimforth

Christina Fulcher

Family Promise!

Franklin Rice

Gina Clark

Glenn Eagle

Grant Kelly

Greg Reichert

Hands down the lady at muttigans on emerald isle

Holden Royal

Holly Honeycutt

Brooke Kitrell

William David Grove

Jordan Salter

BluSail with their monthly complimentary art therapy classes for cancer patients.

Brandy Bell, Director Small Business Center -- She's down to earth, local, and always searching for the best way to help new startup businesses.

She's the director at the Small Business Center and has helped a us and a TON of other small businesses by offering counsel, guidance, and FREE classes through the community college.

Her Instagram is her name if you look you will see she’s just a light and continues to change so many lives including my own.. an amazing person!

Check her Instagram for info. I could go on forever about her, she’s changed many lives including mine. Love her!

Brent Creelman, Friends of the NC Maritime Museum. Manages the Jr Sailing Program for the Museum. Teaches over 250 children the joys os sailing in Carteret waters, every summer.

Brooke Cash, she is incredibly selfless and donates her time to important causes in our community. She serves on numerous boards and fundraisers to ensure our community and children have the necessities needed for a successful future.

Her dedication to ensuring the kids and teachers of Carteret county have all the things that they need is inspiring! She goes above and beyond, not only for her own children, but the well-being of all the children in our local community!

Callie Smith - teacher at Bogue Sound elementary who has influenced so many youth in her 23 year career and represented Carteret county and the southeast region as one of the 9 finalists for teacher of the year for the state in 2011. She coaches girls on the run at her school and inspires many young girls to live a healthy lifestyle with this program. Always giving back to her school and community.

Carrie Huber for all she does for the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

Carrie Huber for all she does for the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

Chief Bill Willis of Beaufort EMS, Inc., resident of Beaufort, has been a dedicated member of our County his entire life. He’s been a member of his department as well as neighboring departments for nearly 30 years. He goes to bat for his people when they’ve been brought under fire unjustly but stands beside them when they’ve also made mistakes, reassuring them that they won’t have to be alone in their struggles. He’s a fair boss and runs his department smoothly, fairly and loyally. He’s been the “rookie” in the department so he understands what it takes to have to need a job so has given a lot of “newbies” a first shot, sometimes all the while knowing they’d gone on to bigger and better things for the sake of their families or just to make more money. Knowing this, he’d given them a shot anyway because that’s just who he is. Chief Willis is a family man, with 3 grown children.

Chrissy Suralik / Inkspiration Studio Tattoo, revitalizing downtown with beautiful murals.

Cindy Bunch, she runs the Olde Beaufort Farmers Market and really invests SO MUCH into the local artists/makers in our community. She also manages the best farmers market in Carteret County!

Cindy Knox, office manager at Carteret Ob-Gyn

CJ sees the good in everyone. She is a giver, motivator, and leader.

Cody Aubel, always looking for ways to give back to the community through Grow Social and continually supports small local businesses.

Cody is a local police officer at the Newport Police Department and also the new SRO at Newport Elementary. His jubilance and infectious optimism bring a sense of calm to all who encounter him, and he is loved deeply by the community that he serves.

That in itself speaks volumes. He’s also the School Resources Officer for Newport Elementary. Not only does he serve and love his community, he loves his family. When his job allows, he’s at his son’s every T-ball game. He’s his son’s, Brodie’s, cheerleader, while watching his every move. Cody is a well grounded young man with love and dedication for his family and community.

Dale Britt, Instrumental in raising the money for both the Crystal Coast Hospice House and the Domestic Violence House. Serves on Big Rock Board-chairman for 2 years

Dana presumes positivity in all aspects of life. She has a servant heart and leads with compassion and kindness.

David Price has been an influential coach and friend since moving to Morehead City almost 20 years ago. He’s a phenomenal influence on all those that come into contact with him!

Deb is the fierce leader of cat operations for Misplaced Mutts. Deb volunteers hours of her time daily to helping curb the population of homeless animals in Carteret and Craven counties and to manage the needs of the animals in foster with misplaced mutts. We would not be where we are and as impactful as we are without her at the helm.

Denny Shrock, for not only being a great boss, but an amazing mentor for young adults learning about the bar business.

basketball camps . Works with our youth to promote character building as well as fitness. He is by far the best of the best. He is an shining example of someone that goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone has a better quality of life. He is an unsung hero to many in Our Community. Not only is he a friend but a special gift that we are blessed to know.

Donna is the owner of Seaside Dentistry. She goes above and beyond for her patients. She offers free dental work for those in need and gives back so much to our community.

Donna, aside from being the pastor of One Harbor and cultivating a community feeling of “home” he is also a volunteer fire fighter and is first in line to support victims and first responders when they need it the most.

tremendous, Scripturally sound preaching and massive growth of One Harbor Church.

Gives so much of himself to the community

They created the Starcke Family Foundation and give back to many non profits to make a difference in our community.

Doug Doubleday (posthumously) for all he did for Beaufort, the Beaufort Lions Club, Beaufort Bridge Run, Friends of the Maritime Museum and Plastic Free By The Sea.

Dr Mary Katherine Lawrence . Beyond being a fantastic physician, she-along with her husband Dr Art Close -founded The Broad Street Clinic . She also studied, practiced and implemented the BoneFit program at IronTide CrossFit. S

Dr.Sarah Randles at Coastal Chiropractic

They have both been amazing role models. They offer so much advice & support in our growing small business.

They have both been amazing role models. They offer so much advice & support in our growing small business.

Franklin Rice, He has worked with the school system and police department for many years.

Gina is the director of events at the Civic Center but she does so much more than that! She is always volunteering with her church and community. She goes above and beyond and is always willing to help whoever is in need!

Grant Kelley for the time and effort he puts into our community from adults to our youth.

Greg Reichert, doctor at Crystal coast family practice treats numerous local patients with a humble heart and coaches seashore soccer and morehead city little league.

Holden Royal. Always supports all local small businesses

Holly Honeycutt. She is a super woman. Not only is she the most amazing speech therapist ever but she is very hands on with Seashore Soccer and MHC little league. Mom to 3 boys she is always busy shuffling and she doesn't miss a council meeting to advocate for our kids when needed. She worked tirelessly for months to get rid of the fees that would have been charged to kids on these nonprofit leagues. She's active in church, she is a thoughtful friend, she gives of herself all day everyday. We're so fortunate to have her in our community!

She is such an inspiration in the way she built her business, Lotus y la Luna, but she's also constantly doing things to help build a community of support for all our small businesses, which has definitely influenced me to do the same.

William David Grove as local hero that we all admire and respect him standing by the bridges with the American and back the blue flags. He does this from his heart and proves it is awesome to be American!

he is the Cubmaster of Pack 252 which serves youth that live in Beaufort and all of Downeast right to Cedar Island. His role as a Cubmaster the last few years (and assistant cubmaster for years prior to the cubmaster role) has significantly improved and strengthened the opportunities of our local youth by growing the Beaufort and Downeast scouting opportunities for all children. This job is completely voluntary and the countless hours he spends each week ensuring that his Cub Scout pack is organized and ready for new adventures is both selfless and inspiring. He works hard to serve Scouts spanning across Beaufort and every town downeast. He keeps the local children involved in safe, educational, and family bonding activities that allow our children to be constantly involved in fun activities with their Scouting peers and families. He puts SO much time and thought into his Pack 252 programming it’s hard to put into words how vital he is to our community.

Michael Temple

Iva Fearing

J.R. Dunn

Jaime Turner

James Fulcher

Jane McClaghan

Janice Bynum

Janine Facciola

Jarrod Penland

Jason W. Moore

Jay Westbrook

Jayme Limbaugh

Jean lawrence

Jeff Vaugn

Jen and Brent Chappell

Jeremy Coy

Jeremy Thomas

Jessica and Anita Horton

In living memory of Michael Temple

Iva is always promoting other business owners and is always looking for ways to help in our community. She seeks out those in need and finds ways to support them. She works selflessly at promoting others as well as myself in my small little business. Her goal seems to always be the same, to help others succeed. And for that she’s my local hero.

She is the most caring and giving individual ever. Also giving back to any organization or others in need.

Professional and courteous along with his philanthropy are an asset to the community.

James Fulcher co-ordinates the Sarah James Fulcher redfish tournament to raise awareness and build accessible playgrounds across Carteret County NC.

Jane is involved in many charitable activities through the Elk Lodge in Morehead City. But I’ve seen her take from her own pocket to help other in need to pay bills. Her and her husband purchased toys for children in need. She helps children get school supplies and clothes. She also takes kids who wouldn’t normally have the chance or opportunity to do fun things like aquarium trips.

her dedication to the Circle and her leadership skills impress me

She has been a tireless supporter of local artists creating markets and venues for folks to gather and share their work!

Jarrod Penland - Penland Heating & AC Beaufort. He works seven days a week; always drops everything to help friends, family, and customers.

Jason W. Moore - He is an incredible father and neighbor to everyone he knows in Beaufort and Carteret County. He serves on state committees as asked and supports so many small business owners through his work.

Jay Westbrook, Principal East Carteret High School. He is second to none. The way he has handled all the events that have happened in our community have been respectful and professional. He truly cares about all of his students and strives to make their life better everyday.

Jeff Vaughn as youth and worship leader for @1604 the contemporary service at First Presbyterian Church

Jen and Brett Chappell because they give back to the community and love every person they come in contact with.

Jeremy Coy of Coys tree Service helps widows and elderly with tree work and ect for discounted rates and some in need he has done for free.

Jeremy Thomas at the Shark Shack. Army Veteran now owner/operator of the Shark Shack with his wife Taylor. They created a local hero meal program that offers a discounted meal to recognize the service and sacrifices of local military, police, fire, & EMS personnel. It's a great way to pay it forward and the community loves being a part of it! Thank you for your service X 2 sir!

Jessica and Anita Horton, the owners of The Cottage, do an amazing job bringing big name performers to our small town community! By having these artists perform in the more intimate atmosphere of their venue, guests are allowed the opportunity to meet the artists and get to know them on a more personal level. My mother met Maggie Rose at her concert at The Cottage and she had a blast!! Thanks Jessica and Anita for providing this wonderful service to our area!!

She's a strong independent businesswoman who started at the bottom and has created a brand that speaks volumes in the community. She strives to serve and care for others, which has a positive impact on those around her. Her future-thinking mindset gives locals an opportunity to experience one-of-a-kind events at the Crystal Coast of NC.

Hero means : person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Jessica has a passion to share goodwill and love to the community. She had to courage & passion to relocate her life to where her heart beats. Her character, poise, business savviness, wisdom, pioneerism, and loyalty to local life is undeniable. She wants to unify all the communities joined by the bridges and make all of the crystal coast a chosen destination for the world. She lifts up people to be made great and while providing a high class venue space, incredible content & artists, and a place for marriages & families to start - she also continuously gives back too! She is the definition of HERO!

Jillian Lister

Jodi Justice

John Markham

John Tunnel

Joshua Beck

Joshua Wade

Justin Wallace

Karen Amspacher

Karen Dew

Jillian Lister - She goes above and beyond to grow our community and connect with everyone from Beaufort to Emerald Isle. She started a business to help small, local businesses grow and is continuously going out of her way to help anyone who needs it. As someone who grew up in the area, she quickly became a mentor to me in personal and professional life and I'm thankful I get to work under her every day. Everything she does, she does 100% and with a pure heart. She deserves to be recognized.

Jodi Justice, who provides a positive environment for the local kids who have a love for dance. She holds her kids accountable in school and in social media as well as incorporates the importance of knowing Jesus every chance she gets.

Jodi Justice: Owner of Justice Elite Dance She has created a space that is more than dance. It is a safe & nurturing place for our children to learn the values of team and commitment. She is an example of kindness and strong work ethic.

John Markham is a local fire fighter and CrossFit coach. He constantly gives back to the community with his service!

John Tunnel. Absolutely wonderful man who makes everyone feel special and welcome.

 Joshua Beck has persevered through a life altering health condition which resulted in a fall that paralyzed him for months. He is now leading two local restaurant teams fearlessly. His work ethic and passion are inspiring.

Joshua Wade. Owner of Wine & Design Morehead. He is a dear friend who always is looking out for those in our community, whether it is donating time/monetary help to Save Cape Lookout Foundation, leading paint sessions with persons with special needs, trying to make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community in Carteret County, and so much more. I am so proud to have him as a friend and we are VERY LUCKY to have him as a part of the Carteret County community!

Justin Wallace he cares about Beaufort and helping those in the community.

Karen Amspacher She is very committed to her all of downeast. She works really hard at persevering our heritage.After the plane crash in Feb 2022 She made sure our boys would always be remembered

Karen Dew A school social worker who helps children ensure they have their needs met. She is also helping a houseless family get basic needs and necessities. Karen has always looked for ways to give back to her local community. She has a large heart!

She is a social worker who goes over and beyond to help so many people in need.

She helps so many not only in her profession as a school social worker, but on her personal time as a resident that cares for her community and the people in it.

Karen Dew is an amazing person that wears her whole heart on her sleeve. She’s always been my hero as she’s my mom but ever since we’ve moved to carteret county she’s definitely became a community hero from providing birthday presents , Christmas , Easter , food and any and everything in between for kids and their families. She’s always been this type of person my entire life and I’m so happy she’s started to get some appreciation for who she is as a person in our community. I vote Karen Dew as my local hero because there’s not a day that goes by she’s not gathering resources, food , supplies etc for those in need. She’s also a school social worker and there’s so much she does that goes unnoticed but she doesn’t care because that’s not why she does what she does.

Karen Willis

Kaselun Moore

Katherine Arthur

Katie Dixon


Kaselun Moore She is the owner of Plain Jane’s cleaning. She has the biggest heart and loves to give back.

Katie Dixon , she has brought arts into our community and instills confidence into our youth. She is so positive and will go out of her way to help someone.

She is the owner and a teacher at Dance Arts Studio but she also spends tremendous amounts of her time directing Junior productions with our local community theatre, youth theatre camps every summer as well as singing and working with youth at Fist Methodist Church. She absolutely loves each of these children and makes huge impacts on their lives. Carteret County is so blessed to have her

Katie Smalley


Kayla Barrow

Kelly Doorman

Kendall Lawrence

Kenley Riley

Kennedy Stroud

Keri McCann

Kevin Nelson

Kristi Paylor

Larry Pittman

Leah Bird

Lee Smith

Lee Stiles

Lindsay Parker

Local Teachers

Lori Jones

Lorraine McElroy

Lynette Johnson

Margie Baker

Maria Jacob

Ryan Winstead

Maria McLaughlin

Marc Greiner

Marc Hanula

Mary and Jeff Miller


Mary Cheatham King

Master Phillip Henry

Matt and Maredith Johnson

Matthew Pope

Megan Fischer

Melissa Garrett

Michele Johnson Faircloth

Mindy Ballou Fitzpatrick

Miss Kim

Bernie Whalley

William David Gore

Nancy Whitt

Nic Carey

Officer Daniel Latorella

Pastor David Bruce

Pastor Sarah Williams

Patrick Conneely

Paul Musco

Paula Gillinkin

Philip Henry

Rachel Cooper

Rachel Wyman Dawson

Ray Tillery

Reba Lewis

Taylor Mills

Ranae Baker

Rodney Kemp

Rylan Jones

Sandra Edwards

Sandy Hewitt

Shana Olmstead

Shannon Henry

Shannon Harker

Shelley Odom

Stacy Lamb

Stephanie Miller

Stephen Chalk

Tobbie Nance

Tammy Lee

Tom Kies

Trace Cooper

Travis and Cassie Burt

Wylon Bell

Wendi Oliver

William David Grove

Katie Smalley Katie is an active advocate for rescue pets, fosters dogs with Misplaced Mutts, and also provides a home for foster children.

Katie Smalley: Katie works full time at Garner Farms. She also devotes a lot of time fostering and finding homes with misplaced Mutts. She also fosters children. She is a bright spot on the Crystal coast

Kelly Dorman - She is a social worker who works every day to help families in our community. Kelly also volunteers as a foster for Misplaced Mutts and with TNR efforts. Kelly has fostered cats and dogs over the last several years. Kelly shows up in our community in a big way!

Kendall Lawrence. Her drive and heart for the community is unmatched

Kennedy Stroud; Opened Beaufort Creamery in her brother’s memory. See attached story:

Kevin Nelson. Kevin has been a major supporter of East Carteret athletics for years. Long before his kids ever attended East Carteret, he began recognizing the Farm Bureau Player of the Game. He coached basketball with Parks and Rec and baseball with Cal Ripken for nearly 15 years, and when his kids aged out, he continued to support both leagues as a sponsor. Kevin has been a volunteer within the ministry of his church for the past 25 years, often traveling hundreds of miles a week to visit with congregations all over eastern North Carolina. As a Farm Bureau agent, he has spent the months following big storms visiting every customer to make sure their claims were handled properly and to let them know that he was there for them. A resident of Otway, a native of Straits and a graduate of East Carteret High School, he is the best of what Down East is all about.

Larry Pittman served as a local land surveyor for over 40 years. He did the surveying for many properties all over carteret county. He knows so much history about our town and our county. He deserves to be recognized for his service to the community and for his kindness.

Larry Pittman served as a local land surveyor for over 40 years. He did the surveying for many properties all over carteret county. He knows so much history about our town and our county. He deserves to be recognized for his service to the community and for his kindness.

Lee stiles- works with this who are drug addicted and people who are reentering society after being imprisoned

Lori Jones with corks and forks

Lorraine McElroy She promotes art & artists & was instrumental in merging two art galleries into one on Arendell & 17th St. She conducts art classes for Station Club participants & contributes some of their pottery to Empty Bowls fundraiser for the soup kitchen & pantries

Lynette Johnson gets up everyday to create healthy happy movement for Carteret County. And then has the energy to sponsor events at her beautifully located studio

Maggie works with Hope is Alive, a addiction recovery group, and is helping to push back the darkness of addiction in Carteret County. Our county has lost so many to drug addiction.

Maria Jacob Does so much for first Presbyterian church



Ryan Winstead Outstanding taekwondo instructor

Mark Greiner (President of the Friends of Fort Macon) responsible for most if not all restoration of Fort Macon

Mark volunteers at Fort Macon State Park 6 days a week (8+ hours a day). He gives so much in every single capacity of the park; no amount of space here could articulate how much he positively impacts Fort Macon for visitors, staff, and volunteers. He gives tours, leads historical demonstrations, plans events, provides educational resources, improves trails, restores cannons and artifacts, coordinates volunteer efforts, encourages everyone, and helps hundreds of thousands of Fort Macon visitors every year - all as a volunteer. He has such a positive attitude and gives so much to our community.

Mary and Jeff Miller of The Market at Cedar Point

Mary at the Market at Cedar Point

Mary Cheatham King Not only is she an amazing person she gives her time and money to our community both personally as well as professionally as part of her team’s commitment to giving back!

Mary Cheatham King!! You do so much for our community!

Master Phillip Henry He touches every child and adult in a positive and caring manner. He is an amazing instructor and I am personally grateful that he has made a wonderful impact in my daughters life.

Matt and Meredith Johnson Great Realtors has been with us since moving here.

Melissa Garrett is my local hero because she is so giving of her time and energy to area non-profits, despite undergoing cancer treatments and therapies. She is involved with many organizations and is a pleasure to work with! I admire her strength and dedication to this community.

Michele Johnson Faircloth. My reason. She is a thriver, one of THE most kind hearted, caring people I have ever met. She owns Gypsybee Studios. You might say her shop is like the Phoenix. Because of her inner strength, she took a life tragedy, and turned it into beautiful canvas paintings that now hang in many homes. In her previous marriage, it ended with her husband walking into her art studio and using a knife, he slashed every single painting she had spent hours and days working on, and turned them into trash. It was something that almost destroyed her desire to ever paint again. She lost hundreds of paintings, plus losing a relationship, something you thought was forever, having to start all over again, but, she did it! And let me just say, if there is a person on this earth who's smile is more contagious than Michele's, please let me know who they are! We met because of her beautiful work, we became friends because of her beautiful soul.

She is a fantastic person who does so much for everyone! She goes out of her way to help others, customers, other artists, her community! She truly goes above and beyond to make this community better and more beautiful!

Michelle Fitzpatrick: the impact that she’s made on this community is generations in the making. As a business woman, she inspires others to reach out and work hard. I am inspired by all that she does!

Miss Kim- Preschool Teacher at First Presbyterian! She has been at the school for years and does an AMAZING job with each kiddo. She makes sure to hug them everyday on their way in and on their way out. I have never seen a teacher care so much!

Mr. Bernie Whalley, Emerald Isle. His community volunteer service, military service & impeccable character to help anyone.

Mr. William David Gore. Seeing him waving the flag by the Morehead City Bridge makes my day!

Nancy Whitt Wonderful class director at Sport Center. Very active in her church in Beaufort. Teaches Sunday school, plays handbells. Jumped right into Carteret County and absolutely loves it and inspires others to make it a home!

Nic Carey. He is so generous and gifted. He uses his time and talent to help so many people in the community…. The community theatre, they youth theatre, etc. He is a wonderful human being.

Officer Daniel Latorella - he was an SRO and now part time with BPD but still working every chance he gets with the PD. He is always there for those who need him. The kids at the schools he was at as SRO still miss him dearly and know they can always reach out to him for help or to talk. He checks up on some of the kids, even though he is no longer an SRO to make sure they know there is someone that cares.

Pastor Sarah Williams at First Methodist Church Morehead City

He continues to give back to his community as much as he possibly can and always gives a helping hand to anyone in need.

Phillip Henry - He is a wonderful role model, serving the community with his time and talents.

Rachel Cooper She inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle and keeps every workout upbeat and fun for all ages.

Rachel Wyman Dawson, Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of On The Go PT is a truly caring health provider that is hard to find these days. She gives her patients realistic ways to improve their health and she is improving Carteret county’s quality of life one patient at a time.

Ray Tillery, I had heard about him but had never met him until recently. Everyone seems to like him and after meeting him I understand why. He seems to cross all social circles and has an insight on the community. His participation in this community is valued and I hear his name come up often. Maybe one day I will hear it as Mayor of Morehead City. What a great guy.

Reba Lewis- principal of Smyrna elementary and down east middle. Goes above and beyond for students and staff facing challenges head on with grace. Not only does she make a difference within the school but also the community with her participation. She has beautified the grounds, and provided opportunities for physical and mental well-being off work hours.


Taylor mills- pastor of Ann street UNMC. Someone who brings joy, hope, and support while grieving loved ones. Also accepting and welcoming to all in church!

Renae Baker with the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament. Renae has transformed our local fishing tournament raising the most money in the past two year than the tournament has ever raised. All money raised helps purchase life saving equipment for the Atlantic Beach Fire Department.

Rodney Kemp Local Historian and orator.

He is a brilliant local historian

Sandra Edwards (model for Posh Pelican): she reminds everyone that no matter your age, you’re never too old to wear a smile, radiate happiness and positivity, and look absolutely fabulous while doing it! Even through fighting breast cancer, she has the most positive outlook and spirit, and she doesn’t let anyone or anything get her down! She is my hero!!

Sandy Hewitt of Family Promise - for the selfless work she does for families who come to them for help.

Shana Olmstead. She does so much for our community

Sharon Harker, Mayor- her dedication to our entire community, and investment in doing better.

Shelley Odom local physician at Crystal coast family practice Dad and coach of little league baseball !

Stephanie Miller of Misplaced Mutts deserves some kind of Sainthood for what she does for dogs and people! I believe she and her husband have fostered close to 300 dogs in the last 3 years! All this woman knows how to do is give!

Tabbie Nance - contributions to helping local school students and their families

Tammy Lee rector Saint Paul’s. Always available to help.

Tom Kies - leadership (Chamber of Commerce & Downtown Morehead City Inc. board), community college instructor, published author

Trace cooper - ab mayor works to make the city better

Trace cooper - ab mayor works to make the city better

Wendi Oliver She is always involved with something, helping others and is a smart businesswoman.

Wendi is a great mentor, but she also wants to be involved in our community. She and Bucky give back financially, but also, they participate by being involved with town councils, business ventures and volunteering time.

Waylon Bell is so good for our community. He does so many positive things with our youth.

William David Grove Thank you for waving your Flag every day.. a True Patriot🇺🇸🇺🇸

William David Grove He makes people happy out there waving his flag!

William David Grove. He waves that flag at the base of the bridge. He has restored my faith with his commitment to showing his respect for his country. He is kind. Respectful and dedicated.

William Grove- inspiring an entire community on a daily basis!

William Grove. This man is dedicated to his love of state and country, he is always spreading joy with his flags at the bridges, he is our favorite gentleman to see around town, honk, and wave at!

William Groves\ He stands out of Atlantic beach bridge and holds two flags. He is a veteran. And the first time I saw him was on Emerald Isle bridge. It was a hectic Saturday with bridge construction traffic etc. but coming onto the island. You see this man holding two flags, smiling and waving at everybody. It just made me proud and happy.

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